Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins University – Flex MBA

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Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business

As the founder and principal attorney at Presley Law & Associates, P.A. in Wellington, Florida, Michael Presley has worked in the legal profession for more than 36 years. While serving as an attorney, he has handled medical malpractice cases and matters related to patient insurance coverage. Michael Presley is continuing his education by pursuing an MBA at Johns Hopkins University – Carey School of Business, with plans to focus on health care management.

The Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins offers a flexible MBA program with courses that can be taken either at the university or online, allowing students to fit the courses into their schedule. Flex MBA gives students the ability to partake in a variety of business programs that range from real estate and finance to health care and risk management.

Each course in the online program runs for eight weeks in a self-paced format, and include access to the school’s library resources as well as information technology services, student services, and academic advisors.

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Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions Basics – Communication Is Key

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Presley Law & Associates

Michael Presley serves as an attorney with Presley Law & Associates in Wellington, Florida. Drawing on more than 25 years of professional experience as an attorney, Michael Presley focuses on mergers and acquisitions in primary health care. When going through the M&A process, healthcare organizations need to place a special emphasis on communication.

One of the biggest challenges in any M&A case, but especially in one involving healthcare providers, is cultural integration. When cultures do not line up, mergers can quickly unravel. Cultural integration can be encouraged by frequent communication between M&A leaders and employees.

With effective communication, employees have clear expectations about what their role will be in the new organization and how things will or will not change. When employees are left to figure these issues out for themselves, tensions can mount. Employees who know exactly what their responsibilities are can continue to function well through the transitional period.

Communication also helps build relationships so that individuals feel more comfortable bringing their anxieties and concerns to the table. This information can help M&A leaders understand the cultural elements of each organization that should be preserved and can point to ways of finding common ground.

What is ERISA?


Michael Presley is a Florida-based attorney that currently practices law at Presley Law & Associates and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of United MSO of America. An expert attorney in Health Care Law, Michael Presley has defended Medical Malpractice Claims and pursued ERISA claims in Federal Court for clients that include Miami Children’s Hospital.

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, or ERISA, is a federal law that governs pension and healthcare plan standards in the private sector. The law includes more recent amendments, such as the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. In order to provide protections for plan participants, the law sets minimum standards that include:

1. The provision of important plan information to plan participants.
2. The establishment of fiduciary responsibilities for plan managers to ensure actions are in the best interest of plan participants.
3. The requirement for a grievance and appeals process regarding plan benefits.
4. The right of plan participants to sue plan managers for breaches of their duty or for plan benefits.

The Role of Health Care Risk Managers

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Health Care Risk Managers

Attorney Michael Presley has maintained membership in the Florida Bar for more than 36 years and currently works with clients in the health care industry. In addition to his work as an attorney, Michael Presley is a certified health care risk manager licensed in the state of Florida.

While risk management is relevant to many industries, it may have the most significant impact in health care, which deals with matters of life and death. The role of certified health care risk managers is to minimize the prevalence of and exposure to risks related to safety, finances, and patient care among institutions operating within the medical sector.

The duties of an individual who works as a health care risk manager depend on the needs of the company where he or she is employed. Examples of areas in which a health care risk manager may work include clinical research, claims management, psychology, or emergency preparation. In general, the dynamic nature of the position requires professionals to be flexible and well-rounded, as well as capable of preparing for and dealing with emergency situations. Adept health care risk managers are a key part of saving the lives and livelihoods of patients and personnel through planning, research, and leadership.

United MSO of America, LLC – Working to Advance the Medical Field

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United MSO of America, LLC

Michael Presley works as an attorney with his own practice in Wellington, Florida, where he litigates in the areas of medical malpractice and health care law. In addition to serving as a practicing attorney with more than 35 years of experience, Michael Presley is also the chief executive officer and chief risk officer of United MSO of America, LLC, also based in Wellington, Florida.

United MSO of America, LLC was created to provide structuring and capitalization that builds a national network of healthcare providers. Along with helping to facilitate precision medicine and improve patient response to treatments and procedures, the company also works to lower medical costs and support advancements in the medical field.

United MSO of America is organized under a compliance model that works with individual state laws and Medicare reassignment laws. The company has developed procedures that comply with anti-trust legislation and anti-kickback legislation. The practice is also structured to prevent the corporate practice of medicine and fee-splitting.

Healthcare Risk Management as a Career

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Healthcare Risk Management

Attorney Michael Presley has been practicing law in the healthcare field for over three decades. He is a partner in the firm Presley Law & Associates and a managing member of United MSO of America in Florida. He recently began work toward his MBA at Johns Hopkins University. In addition to his service as an attorney, Michael Presley is certified in healthcare risk management from the University of Florida.

Healthcare risk-management courses tend to cover care-related subjects from the social, personal, and medical perspectives and include local law, management practices, medical terminology, and other topics related to risk in the healthcare industry. Most students in healthcare management courses already have expertise in the medical, legal, or insurance fields before they embark on a career in risk management.

Healthcare risk management is a diverse field that can include aspects related to finance, practice, legal concerns, business, and the psychological dynamics of healthcare. Risk managers can work in the role of outside consultants or internal employees for healthcare organizations. Contracts can include engagement with both large corporations and smaller companies, and salaries can be more than than $100,000 per year.