United MSO of America, LLC – Working to Advance the Medical Field

United MSO of America, LLC  pic
United MSO of America, LLC
Image: unitedmso.net

Michael Presley works as an attorney with his own practice in Wellington, Florida, where he litigates in the areas of medical malpractice and health care law. In addition to serving as a practicing attorney with more than 35 years of experience, Michael Presley is also the chief executive officer and chief risk officer of United MSO of America, LLC, also based in Wellington, Florida.

United MSO of America, LLC was created to provide structuring and capitalization that builds a national network of healthcare providers. Along with helping to facilitate precision medicine and improve patient response to treatments and procedures, the company also works to lower medical costs and support advancements in the medical field.

United MSO of America is organized under a compliance model that works with individual state laws and Medicare reassignment laws. The company has developed procedures that comply with anti-trust legislation and anti-kickback legislation. The practice is also structured to prevent the corporate practice of medicine and fee-splitting.


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