Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions Basics – Communication Is Key

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Michael Presley serves as an attorney with Presley Law & Associates in Wellington, Florida. Drawing on more than 25 years of professional experience as an attorney, Michael Presley focuses on mergers and acquisitions in primary health care. When going through the M&A process, healthcare organizations need to place a special emphasis on communication.

One of the biggest challenges in any M&A case, but especially in one involving healthcare providers, is cultural integration. When cultures do not line up, mergers can quickly unravel. Cultural integration can be encouraged by frequent communication between M&A leaders and employees.

With effective communication, employees have clear expectations about what their role will be in the new organization and how things will or will not change. When employees are left to figure these issues out for themselves, tensions can mount. Employees who know exactly what their responsibilities are can continue to function well through the transitional period.

Communication also helps build relationships so that individuals feel more comfortable bringing their anxieties and concerns to the table. This information can help M&A leaders understand the cultural elements of each organization that should be preserved and can point to ways of finding common ground.